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Bitcoin for $ 100,000: a forecast of the value of the cryptocurrency

Bitcoin for $ 100,000: a forecast of the value of the cryptocurrency

Leading analysts of the world market have reported that the average annual price of bitcoin in 2021 will approach the $ 20,000 mark. According to experts, the increase in the value of bitcoin directly depends on the regular growth of computer capabilities on a global scale. In addition, the indicator is also influenced by new technologies that are actively used in the process of working with cryptocurrencies.

Analysts' opinions

It can be assumed that significant changes are not expected in the cryptocurrency market. Transcendental prospects are voiced, which are rarely realized in life. However, the industry is becoming more powerful every day. It is not for nothing that experts predict the inevitable growth of bitcoin due to increased demand from consumers.
The main buyers of e-currency are IT professionals. Their intentions are rather difficult to predict, because they spend most of their lives in the electronic world. This category of users has different living standards. There are more and more such people. In other words, Bitcoin is simply doomed to grow in importance.
If we turn to other analysts' forecasts, then throughout the year Bitcoin will stick to average values. Only after this can we talk about a halving of its price in 2021.
There will be an even greater restriction on the flow compared to the available reserves due to the fact that there will be a 50% reduction in the number of new bitcoins that were issued by miners in each block. Only then can we expect an increase in prices. Consequently, by the beginning of 2022, the value of bitcoin may rise to $ 100,000.
The value of bitcoin can be measured using two factors:
The number of bitcoins in circulation.
The flow rate of new bitcoins that appear in circulation.
It can be concluded that the importance of bitcoin increased as soon as the elections were held.

Bitcoin growth

Other analysts believe that the cost of bitcoin by the end of 2021 may increase to $ 225 thousand.
At the moment, the market is experiencing a sharp increase in the price of gold and bitcoin, which were able to surpass even securities and other commodities. In this regard, a large number of companies began to endow bitcoin with the status of a reserve currency at the time when inflation is outstripping. That is why Bitcoin has confidently appeared in the portfolio as an alternative asset.
Throughout the year, most of the bitcoins passed from hand to hand of market participants. This state of affairs may be a signal for the onset of a bull market and the prospects for price increases. In the coming months, the largest participants will appear on the market, because they do not want to miss the next bull run. However, some investors will note the historical rise in prices for a digital asset and consider that they have already missed all important events.
There are a number of reasons that will support the e-currency market in the coming year:
increase in capitalization;
the appearance of new participants on the market.

Defensive asset

I would like to note one more significant factor. A certain number of investors refer to cryptocurrency as a defensive asset, which will be responsible for the safety of securities in times of financial imbalance. Similar conclusions can be drawn about the value of gold. Bitcoin was able to adequately retain the title of a defensive asset even during the trade war between China and the United States, as well as during the election race. All these facts indicate that bitcoin plays the role of a full-fledged market asset, which is distinguished by its investment attractiveness.
However, there is an alternative opinion, in which the rise in the price of bitcoin is compared to fortune telling on coffee grounds. Of course, cryptocurrency will increase in value, especially when you take into account the factors that affect its value. However, no expert can determine the maximum value in advance. Bitcoin is considered by many to be a savings tool that is sometimes an alternative to gold. Still, bitcoin is not a currency, so one cannot talk about its 100% security.